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10.07.2015 Continuation of arsenic studies in Paracatu
The Public Office of Paracatu and Kinross sign a further agreement to continue arsenic studies in Paracatu. These complementary studies will assess the exposure of arsenic at the Morro do Ouro mine
03.07.2015 Kinross awarded with a Sustainability Certificate at the 13th edition of the Benchmarking Brazil Program
Kinross was awarded with a Sustainability Certificate at the 13th edition of the Benchmarking Brazil program that recognizes companies with the best environmental practices and respect for the environment
16.06.2015 Kinross ranked top socially responsible mining company by Maclean’s
Kinross Gold Corporation has been ranked the top mining company on the list of Top 50 Most Socially Responsible Companies in Canada in the 15th edition of Maclean's magazine.

What is Arsenic?


Arsenic is a semi-metallic chemical element that occurs naturally in rocks, soil, water, air, plants and animals and is widely distributed in nature in very low concentrations, including trace amounts in everyday foods like chicken, fish, rice and beans. Although arsenic is toxic in its basic form, this toxicity depends on the quantity, form of … More>

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Paracatu Arsenic Study Results

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In an effort to better understand and provide information about arsenic to Paracatu residents, Kinross has supported extensive research projects, such as the CETEM and the INCT-Acqua studies, by multi-disciplinary teams of leading arsenic experts examining overall arsenic exposure from airborne dust, soil, water and food. Both studies found that exposure to arsenic in Paracatu … More>

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Arsenic in the Paracatu Mining Process


Arsenic is part of the natural composition of minerals found in the soil and rocks in certain regions of Paracatu and geological formation of Morro do Ouro, where Kinross operates. The whole mining process in Morro de Ouro is controlled and monitored, and in compliance with the law, to ensure the quality of water, air … More>

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Myths and Facts


In some recent media stories, inaccurate information has been disseminated about Paracatu and arsenic exposure. Below are the scientific facts.

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