Letter from Mrs. Cristina Coutrim and her daughter, Irene dos Reis to Gil Alessi, editor of El País Newspaper.


Gil Alessi and the Editor of El País Newspaper

In the article published by the El País newspaper on May 26, we came across your opinion expressed in the report made in our Community. Respectfully, I read that article and came across misconceptions in your publication regarding the truthfulness of the accusations you made about the Canadian mining company, which is why I’m trying to clarify the facts now. I assure you that my opinion is not unbiased. Even so, certain values that we take as correct remain in our lives and we are conscious that an untrue attitude was taken by the journalist in a libelous manner. That would not give you credibility given the embarrassing attitude of the so-called professional. Such an opinion is untruthful to what was said to you when you were inside my home. You know that, the breach in your writing when you wrote about the Mining Company, because that was not what was said to you when we spoke. That’s why I said I am scared. I am scared of people of purchase power for they are the ones who commercialize us, they are the ones who slave us and who always take advantage of how humble and simple we, as human beings, are. However, the information is not absolute and the spreading of such news improperly exposes our intimacy, which caused damages to the honor, to the image and to the dignity of the human beings we are. Why didn’t you publish what was told to you? The reason why was that we support that which is our partner, that helps us in projects. Why didn’t you mention the projects the company works on with the communities, in which they valorize the local culture, sports, generation of employment and income, education, and building? The media creates a terrible and pathetic belief: that which it reports is not what happens. I hereby express my rejection regarding the report made by this newspaper when it used the image of Mrs. Cristina and her children without her authorization, for, giving that she is a woman of 75 years old, you are required to have her consent and her children’s. The intimacy, the private life, the honor and the image of any person whatsoever is inviolable. I hereby express my repudiation to Mr. Gil.

Irene dos Reis de Oliveira.