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Continuation of arsenic studies in Paracatu

The Public Office of Paracatu and Kinross sign a further agreement to continue arsenic studies in Paracatu. These complementary studies will assess the exposure of arsenic at the Morro do Ouro mine


Kinross awarded with a Sustainability Certificate at the 13th edition of the Benchmarking Brazil Program

Kinross was awarded with a Sustainability Certificate at the 13th edition of the Benchmarking Brazil program that recognizes companies with the best environmental practices and respect for the environment


Kinross ranked top socially responsible mining company by Maclean’s

Kinross Gold Corporation has been ranked the top mining company on the list of Top 50 Most Socially Responsible Companies in Canada in the 15th edition of Maclean's magazine.


Claims v Facts, a response from Kinross

In response to the recent articles published by El Pais, Kinross Paracatu would like to correct and clarify the inaccurate information presented in these articles with regards to arsenic exposure at our site.


Letter from Mrs. Cristina Coutrim and her daughter, Irene dos Reis to Gil Alessi, editor of El País Newspaper.

Local residents of Paracatu strongly repudiate the report of the El País newspaper in its article published on May 26 referencing Kinross as being negligent in its corporate environmental governance


Kinross a model reference in the use of modern dismantling methods

Kinross was recognized for its work in improving the operational efficiency in the dismantling process of its Morro do Ouro mine in Paracatu by the magazine Minérios e Minerales. Kinross uses high precision and advanced software technology in its dismantling process to ensure greater quality and safety for our employees, the environment and community.


Kinross Gold takes its ethical standards seriously: Letter to the Guardian newspaper

In a letter to the Guardian, Kinross outlines its commitment to environmental governance.


Safeguarding the health of the community in Paracatu

We are committed towards the health and safety of our employees and the local communities of Paracatu. With this, we would like to rebut the recent claims made in the media around our operations in Paracatu.


Letter from Virginia Cimminelli to Paracatu authorities

Virginia Ciminelli, a Professor in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials at the Federal University of Minas Gerais Engineering and Director of the National Institute of Science and Technology on Minerals, Water and Biodiversity, INCT-Acqua, clarifies the results of studies conducted with the University that shows there to be a low exposure risk to arsenic.


Letter of rebuttal

Kinross would like to respond to the series of false and unfounded allegations made on Facebook and other social media platforms with regards to our operations in Paracatu.