Kinross awarded with a Sustainability Certificate at the 13th edition of the Benchmarking Brazil Program


Last night, July 3rd, Kinross was awarded the Seal of Sustainability, at the 13th edition of the program, Benchmarking Brasil, which recognizes companies with the best environmental practices and respect for the environment. The certification was granted in the category of Management and Reforestation for the project Green Contour Lines for Recovery of Degraded Areas. Approximately 12 hectares of the inner area of the company are under recovery by using the methodology that was created by the team from the Environment and Sustainability department of the company.

The methodology consists of planting native seedlings, the provision of topsoil (the top layer of the original soil) and woody material originating from the removal of vegetation from other licensed areas. Along the Green Contour Lines, seeds of woody species have been introduced and they are finding favorable conditions for development. Animal species are being attracted and act as pollinators and seed dispersers. The woody material is incorporated into the soil, increasing the availability of nutrients. 500 Seedlings of the following species were planted: Jacarandá-do-Cerrado, Baru, Jatobá, Pequizeiro, Aroeira, Angico, Vinhático e Gonçalo-Alves. Assessments were conducted monthly over a year and they concluded that the Green Contour Lines were effective in restoring vegetation.

Kinross Environmental engineers, Alexandre Siqueira Araújo and Gabriel Vargas Mendonça, both residents of Paracatu, are part of the team that developed the project and received the trophy and the certificate at a ceremony held in the auditorium of the Federal Court in São Paulo.

Alexandre Matos, head of the Department of Sustainable Development, pointed out that Kinross employs a rigorous set of management practices and tools related to the environment and human health, such as impact assessments and environmental control plans, periodic monitoring and improvement plans. “Winning the Seal of Sustainability shows us that we must keep working with commitment and responsibility, and always be engaged in developing solutions that can minimize our impact, reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the projects”, Matos added.

About program Benchmarking Brasil

In the 13 editions performed, the Program Benchmarking Brasil has established itself as one of the most respected Seals of Sustainability in the country. With a structured methodology, recognized by ABNT, and the participation of experts from various countries, the ranking of Benchmarking Brasil defines and is recognized as a maintainer of the best sustainability practices in Brazil. The program, in addition to the ranking, brings together other sustainability development actions such as publications, a free access digital database, technical meetings, trade shows and conferences, among other things. Besides encouraging the pursuit of continuous improvement and the adoption of good practices in organizations, the Program Benchmarking Brasil contributed positively over 12 years to building a critical core of sustainability in the country. In 2013, Benchmarking Brasil was the winner (1st place) in the category of Humanities. The prize was from the Von Martius of Sustainability from the Chamber of Commerce Brazil Germany.